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Adult Membership Programs

The Argonaut Rowing Club has adult and youth programs to get you on the water. Our entry level programs are followed by skills development programs and, depending on your goals, we help you prepare for fitness and/or competitive programs. Our programs are designed to help you reach your rowing goals.

Interested in Para rowing? Learn more

Visiting from another rowing club? Check out Guest Rows.

I want to row. How does this work?

 We start with Learn to Row.

 Come Try It Day

 A free one-day event focused on experiencing what it's like to row

Learn to Row

10 hours of hands-on lessons over 3 weeks. Offered throughout the rowing season.

Learn More.

 Then we help you develop your skills.

Learn to Train

For Learn to Row grads. Join our coached sculling and sweep sessions. Mix with more experienced members to hone your skills. Learn More

 Be fit for life.

Club Rowing

Row in a variety of boats. Gain confidence and independence, progress towards your goals: fitness, proficiency, racing. Learn More

 You want to excel.

Senior / Under 23

Our most elite competitive program limited to 25 athletes 6-9 times per week, with dedicated coaching. Learn more

Masters (21+)

Competitive crew, high level training, 3+ days a week. Learn more.

Get more information on being a coxswain.

Non-Rowing Memberships are also available. Check out dry land training, or becoming a Social Member

Member Programs

Any athlete can move between programs based on program capacity and athlete ability. Generally crews start to form in the spring; however, you can join any adult rowing program at any time in the season. 

If you are unsure of which program to join or just want more information, please contact our Adult Rowing Manager, Julia, at

Learn to Train - Continue Your Learning

Requirements: Learn to Row (LTR) graduate. Ages 18+

Fees: Included in Club membership. Contact

The Learn-to-Train (“LTT”) program is geared towards rowers who have either recently graduated from a Learn-to-Row class or are coming back to rowing after some time away from the sport. All registrants become a full member of the club and membership lasts until March 31, 2024.

Participants of this program will hone their boat-handling skills, improve their technique, and build their rowing fitness to help them reach their rowing goals in a fun and engaging environment. By the end of Learn-to-Train, participants can expect to have gained the skills necessary to join the Club Rowing program.

Learn-to-Train participants have two practice blocks that they can choose to sign up for: the morning group or evening group. Each block offers three rowing practices per week. To get the most out of their rowing experience, participants are expected to come to all three practices per week. There are five LTT sessions offered over the course of the 2024 rowing season: Session A; B, C, D, and E. Each session is eight (8) weeks long and sessions start every four weeks, except for Session B which starts three weeks after Session A.

2024 Learn to Train Schedule


 Dates  Time
 A - Morning  May 13 - July 5  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30am - 8:00am
 A - Evening  May 13 - July 5  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm
 B - Morning  June 3 - July 26  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30am - 8:00am
 B - Evening  June 3 - July 26  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm
 C - Morning  July 8 - August 30  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30am - 8:00am
 C - Evening  July 8 - August 30  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm
 D - Morning  August 6 - September 27  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30 - 8:00am
 D - Evening  August 6 - September 27  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm
 E - Evening only  September 3 - October 25  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm

Benefits: This program will allow you to improve your rowing technique and fitness levels. You are also entitled to all the benefits of a full member, including year-round access to the club, weight room, erg room, and social events.

Safety: All Learn to Train sessions are taught by qualified coaches.

Eligibility: Graduates of LTR. Ages 18+

More Information: Read the program package. Contact

Club Rowing - Fit for Life

Requirements: Learn to Train graduate or experienced rower. 18+

Frequency: Row as often as you'd like!

The Club Rowing program is a recreational program for those with previous rowing experience. This program is the next step for new members who have completed Learn-to-Train, as well as any member who is looking to row with a less rigorous training schedule. Club rowers typically row three-to-four times per week both in sculling and sweep boats.

Community, fitness, and fun are the primary objectives of Club Rowing, with racing secondary. Rowers are encouraged to form their own crews and, for those who are interested, are provided with multiple racing opportunities over the course of the summer and fall! All Club Rowing members are provided with a training program as well as weekly coaching sessions for those who want them. New to 2024, we are also offering "Club Mixer Nights" where new and returning Club rowers are mixed up, placed in crew boats together (Quads on Wednesdays; Eights on Thursdays), and do a fun technical workout.

An information session is held annually at the start of the season, usually in mid-March, which provides a great opportunity for Club Rowing members to form new crews or join existing crews with available space. However, you can join the Club Program at any time throughout the season. Read more about the Club Rowing program in our program package!

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Masters (21+)

Requirements: Minimum 2 years rowing experience or experienced competitive rower. 

Frequency: Approximately 4-5 days (morning or evenings) per week.

The program is designed for rowers, aged 21+, who would like to continue rowing at a competitive level while balancing other commitments. The objective is to form crews that are compatible in technical competency, physical ability and age. Crews generally practice up to 5+ times per week and often compete in numerous sprint races in the spring/summer and head races in the fall.

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Seniors / Under 23 (18+)

Requirements: All competitive rowers Ages 18+

Frequency: Training minimum 6 mornings per week

The Senior program is for athletes who are over 18 and racing 2000m. The program includes a wide range of athletes; from those who are currently rowing in a university program and wish to continue training over the summer, to those who wish to continue pursuing a competitive rowing program at the club. The program involves an intensive training schedule with morning and afternoon practices.  Athletes will be placed in Varsity or JV groups depending on their level of experience and testing results.

The Argonaut Rowing Club Senior/U23 program competes at all local summer regattas including Dominion Day, CORA regattas, RowOntario Championships and the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.

The lead coaches for this program are Nikki Morrison and Dave Wigg.

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Coxswain - The Coach in the Boat

Requirements: no experience necessary

Frequency: flexible

Fees: Contact

Like being on the water?

Be a leader and navigate Lake Ontario for your crew!

Every program needs a coxswain or two!

As a coxswain (a.k.a. coxie) you are in control of the boat both on and off the water. You are responsible for your own safety, the safety of your crew and of other water users and the equipment, much of which is extremely expensive to repair or replace. Therefore you need to be aware of what is going on around you at all times.

Within the boundaries of safety and working as a team with the rest of the club, your job is to make sure that your crew gets the most out of every outing, and wins races.

New to coxing?

We’ll give you the tools you need to feel confident guiding your crew.

For more information contact

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